The Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is located at the junction of Interstate 5 and Highway 99 in central California, about 60 miles north of Los Angeles and less than 25 miles south of Bakersfield. It is the gateway to California’s Golden Empire, a geographic region noted for its energy and agricultural industries and home to major distribution and manufacturing facilities for the country’s leading companies, including IKEA, Famous Footwear, Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, Frito Lay, Nestle, Car Quest, Formica, and the world’s leading producers and exporters of pistachios, almonds and carrots – Paramount Farms, Grimmway Enterprises and Bolthouse Farms.

The Tejon Ranch Commerce Center offers a premiere retail location at one of California’s busiest highway junctures — where Interstate 5 and Highway 99 come together. 3.2 million people live within an hour’s drive of the location, with average household incomes exceeding $80,000, a disposable income level that’s one of the highest in California.Nearly 80,000 vehicles pass the site daily, with more than a million passenger vehicles already exiting each year at the primary Tejon Ranch exit, reinforcing the historic position of the location as a way station. The Starbucks at the thriving Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is considered to be one of the top performers in the chain, demonstrating the vast number of visitors stopping at this location.

Companies locating at the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center have a large and productive labor pool available to them. The city of Bakersfield is one of California’s ten largest cities and is less than a half hour’s drive from the Commerce Center. The Golden Empire’s agriculture industry is highly mechanized and provides a steady stream of skilled workers looking to transition to distribution-related businesses, producing qualified applicant-to-job ratios of 10:1. These are hard-working people who value their jobs. Turnover at the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is less than five percent. Starting wages are also lower than other areas of California, up to $1.30 less per hour, for example, than wages paid in the Inland Empire.
From a distribution and manufacturing standpoint, the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is a logistical dream. Its strategic location in the center of California between the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and the Port of Oakland is ideal to serve all of California, along with the western U.S. and Canada. Compared to the heavily-congested freeways of Southern California, the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center provides easier access, quicker drive times and more reliable ETAs for both inbound and outbound traffic. It provides direct northbound and southbound access via Interstate 5, which bi-sects the Commerce Center; easy access eastbound via Highway 58 to I-40 and I-15. Weather-related highway closures average less than 30 hours per year and companies within the Golden Empire report they have no real impact on their operations.From a retail perspective, easy access is a real strength of the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center. Millions of individual motorists already stop every year, and research conducted among those living with an hour of the location shows that more than 71% percent are excited about the Commerce Center’s future potential as retail destination.
Companies locating in a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) save valuable time and money, and can significantly increase their operational efficiency. The Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is already home to the largest activated FTZ in California. The 177-acre FTZ can quickly be expanded to 500 acres, and through our partnership with Rockefeller Group Development Corporation, you’ll have access to the country’s leading FTZ expert.

  • Duty Deferral: Imported products admitted to the FTZ are not entered into Customs territory until they are withdrawn from FTZ. Therefore, users obtain a cash flow savings by deferring Customs duties until the merchandise leaves the FTZ for consumption in the U.S.
  • Direct Delivery and Weekly Entry/Export: From a just-in-time inventory perspective, the FTZ program offers significant benefits. Users may obtain permission from Customs to move merchandise directly from port of arrival to the FTZ avoiding delays at congested ports. On the outgoing side, users may obtain permission to ship unrestricted weekly (24/7) based on an estimate approved by Customs before the start of the business week. Broker fees and merchandise processing fees paid to Customs may be significantly reduced by filing one entry per week versus daily entries or one per shipment. Goods move in and out of the facility on an expedited basis allowing for a seamless supply chain from vendor to customer without maintaining unnecessarily high levels of inventory.
  • Duty Reduction: Imported products admitted to the FTZ can be placed in a special status that allows the merchandise to be classified in its condition as it is withdrawn from FTZ. For manufacturers this means that an imported component with a higher rate of duty can be classified and appraised in its finished product form, with potentially lower rate of duty.
The Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is a development of Tejon Ranch Company, a publicly traded corporation on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:TRC). Tejon Ranch Company is a diversified real estate development and agribusiness operation whose principal asset is the historic Tejon Ranch, which, at 270,000 acres, is California’s largest single private landholding.In addition to the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center, which it began developing in 1999, Tejon Ranch Company is developing two residential communities on its property, directly south of the Commerce Center along Interstate 5.Tejon Mountain Village is a mountain resort community being developed in partnership with DMB Associates. The community will offer a wide range of residential opportunities, from resort-style housing to large custom lots. It will also feature world-class resort hotels, championship golf, hiking and equestrian trails – all in a breathtaking natural setting.Tejon Ranch is also partnering with three major home builders in the development of Centennial, a master planned sustainable new town in Los Angeles County. Centennial will be an environmentally sustainable, self-contained community of 23,000 homes; along with schools, medical facilities, sheriff and fire stations, recreational facilities and substantial commercial and industrial space for businesses.Tejon Ranch Company holds to the highest corporate standards in all of its operations, with quality, environmental stewardship and visionary innovation being core values of the company. For more information about the company, visit www.TejonRanch.com.The 422-square mile Tejon Ranch dates back to 1843 and has long served as an historic center of commerce for the West. From the days of the Butterfield Stagecoach Line and the trading posts at Fort Tejon and Rose Station, Tejon Ranch is where people bought and sold their goods and the staging ground from which goods were transported. In the 1860s, historic California figure, General Edward Fitzgerald Beale, purchased four Mexican ranchos and assembled them into what is now the modern-day Tejon Ranch. A few decades later, noted New York journalist and author, Charles Nordhoff, wrote about his travels to Tejon Ranch, calling it “the most significant estate in a single hand in all America.” Those who have had the pleasure of visiting Tejon Ranch would say it still is today.
The Tejon Ranch Commerce Center is a proven location for distribution and manufacturing, but it is much more than that. In a few short years, it has also developed into a thriving retail center. Given the wide variety of commercial activity currently taking place at the location, and the diverse opportunities available in the future, the name “Tejon Ranch Commerce Center” better reflects the history of the site, its current activities and future potential.